Monday, June 11, 2012

The Blackberry - It's Not Just a Smartphone Anymore

There are a bazillion plants that grow wild in our neighborhood, but my most favorite is definitely the blackberry bush. They are everywhere around here. And as luck would have it, we are entering the peak season for picking! Last year, some unfortunate timing of county roadside scalping destroyed my hopes of a fruitful blackberry season, but not this year! I have had my heart set on some blackberry gelato for what seems like an eternity, and this year, it is literally in my grasp!

I have been noticing more and more ripe berries popping up, so yesterday, the whole family got in on the berry-picking act. I collected the berries from the bushes in our yard, then we loaded up in the Gator and drove around, picking from the unclaimed blackberry bushes around our sparsely-populated and heavily-wooded neighborhood.

<------ This bush grow right below the stairs beside our house. Barely had to break a sweat!

After less than an hour of picking, we had gathered nearly 5 cups of blackberries - ready to be transformed into a sweet, frozen treat. Probably would've had more if my bucket holder/helper didn't check so often to "make sure they are good." :)

This gelato making is going down TOMORROW, and I'll be sure to let you know how it went. The last time I had gelato was over 5 years ago in Germany, and it set the bar pretty high for future indulgences. Hopefully by tomorrow night, I will be sitting on my couch, chatting up some cloth diapers on Twitter, and enjoying my sweet reward.

Stay tuned!

- MortarBored Mom

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