Monday, April 16, 2012

In the Beginning, There was Kindergarten Graduation.

You know how the Cullen kids made that giant wall hanging of all their graduation caps?  Granted I'm nowhere close to that because I'm not immortal and haven't graduated high school 20 times, but I've accumulated my fair share.

Kindergarten graduation - I guess it's really more for the parents than the kids. I mean, does this face look like I had any idea what was going on?

I suppose it is momentous, the transition to 1st grade and classes that don't involve coloring and juice...

Fast forward 12 years to my high school graduation. I was thrilled to be graduating, but terrified of leaving my friends and family and going to college. Funny now to think of how much I didn't want to leave home.

Four years later, I graduated from college after changing my major 7 times. I ended up picking a major based on how many credits it required, and calculating how I could manage to still graduate on time. I had no intention of pursuing a career in the field.

One year later, I enrolled in graduate school to obtain a Ph.D. in the same field I thought I had no interest in. Turns out, I kinda love it. Four years later, the same school that gave me my undergraduate diploma gave me another one because as it also turns out, I'm kinda good at it. I was ready to conquer the world.

That was 2006. Six years, 1 husband, and 2 kids, no job later, it sometimes feels like all of those graduation caps were for naught. My diplomas, simply wall hangings. They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, well I believe it. I live it.

So...welcome! I'll be around for a while because currently, I've got nowhere else to be. If you're not too busy with your life, please feel free to stop by and hear me blab about mine.

- MortarBored Mom


  1. 1. HOORAY for the new blog! Go, girl! :-D

    2. I had no idea that was how you ended up in your field - I'd been wondering how you managed to graduate on time, since I for one feel I may never see another tassel outside of a strip club! :-/

  2. The morning of my high school graduation, it dawned on me that my life was about to change in BIG ways. I realized there was nothing I could do about it and burst into tears. At church, no less.